Air Permeability Tester

Air Permeability Tester

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We are greatly admired by our clients for manufacturing and exporting Air Permeability Tester. It is used for testing resistance of air movement through the fabric to check its breathability. This tester is used by placing fabric on test area and drawing air at pre-set pressure with help of provided vacuum pump. Air Permeability Tester is also provided with a touch screen display for controlling machine and showing test results.



  • Also provided with result printing function

  • Software based working

  • Provides accurate results




The GLOBE Air Permeability Tester for textiles consists of an arrangement to hold the test specimen between two flat faces so as to expose a known area to the flow of air through it, a vacuum system to draw air through the exposed area of the test specimen, arrangement to measure the volume of air flowing through the test specimen, and arrangement to measure the pressure drop between the two faces of the test specimen as a result of flow of air.


The test specimen is held between two annular ring shaped grips. The grips are lined with rubber gaskets to reduce flow of air through the edges. The two grips can be brought in contact with each other with the help of a hand operated screw arrangement. The test area can be altered by placing adapter discs of different openings in the grips.