Compression Set Apparatus(Quick Clamping Type)

Compression Set Apparatus(Quick Clamping Type)

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The GLOBE Compression Set Apparatus for determination of compression set under constant strain (quick clamping type) consists of four polished stainless steel plates having flat and parallel ground faces. These plates are held a rigid metallic frame. A pair of rods is provided to locate the plates on the frame.


The compressed thickness is maintained with the help of three sets of spacers. Compression springs are placed within these spacers to automatically lift the plates on release of the compression load, and serve to increase the gap between the plates for inserting the test specimens.


The specimens are compressed with the help of a manually operated screw operated by a hand-wheel. The whole arrangement enables quick application of compressing force on the test specimens.


Three magnetic stainless steel discs of 4.70 mm thickness are provided for testing small test specimens.....cont....