Crimp Tester

Crimp Tester

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The GLOBE Crimp Tester is designed to determine the crimp of yarns taken out of fabrics. One end of the yarn is held in a pivoted loading grip on which the desired tension load is applied by means of a sliding weight acting on a lever arm, while the other end is held in a movable grip which is mounted on a screw and can move along the direction of the yarn, stretching it in the process. The distance moved through by this grip gives the extension of the yarn, and can be measured on a scale fixed by the side of the grip assembly.


The loading grip is pivoted on jewel bearing and mounted on a sliding platform which can be moved towards or away from the moving grip to enable different marked lengths of yarn to be tested. The test length is indicated on a scale fixed on the base of the apparatus against a pointer fixed to the sliding platform.


The yarn is held in between the two grips and pulled by moving the movable grip away from the loading grip. The tension under which the crimp is to be determined is set on the pendulum by moving the sliding weight and is indicated on a load scale. When the yarn is under the specified tension, the pendulum lifts off its support, thus breaking a contact and turning off a low voltage indicator light. The elongation of the yarn when the light just goes off is noted, from which the value of percentage crimp can be calculated.


The apparatus is finished in shore blue matalic painting and bright chrome plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.