Toe Cap Impact Tester

Toe Cap Impact Tester

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Toe Cap Impact Tester
The toe portion of shoes used for industrial applications or used in mines shall be sufficiently rigid so as not to get pressed down beyond a specified limit when a heavy block falls down on it, thus preventing crushing of or injury to the toe of the user. The toes of miner's safety boots or industrial shoes are generally reinforced with a steel toe-cap to provide rigidity to them. Whether these toe-caps are sufficient robust so as to fulfill their desired function is ascertained by subjecting the toe-cap assembled in a cut-out shoe to an impact by a falling weight in a suitable equipment. The toe­cap shall not press down beyond a specified limit during the impact.

The GLOBE Toe Cap Impact Tester consists of a rigid fabricated mild steel frame with two hard chrome plated carbon steel rods to act as guides for the falling weight, an arrangement to allow the weight to fall and strike the toe-cap under test, a hardened clamping block made from die steel on which the toe-cap under test can be held with the help of crescent shaped clamp, and a heavy mild steel anvil block on which the clamping block is rigidly mounted.

The height of fall can be adjusted to compensate for varying heights of toe-caps by adjusting the position of the locking pin fixed on the dropping weight. The dropping weight is lifted with the help of a chain and hand wheel and is held in lifted position by the locking pin resting on a release lever. The chain is removed from the weight after lifting and the weight is dropped by pulling the release lever.

The tester is finished in shore blue matalic painting and bright chrome plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.

The 600 kg mass base over which the tester is to be bolted is not supplied with the tester and has to be provided by the user.

A special bench type thickness gauge of 25 mm range having a hemispherical foot of 3.0 mm radius applying a force of 250 mN (25 g) and a hemispherical anvil of 15 mm radius for measuring the thickness of modeling clay after impact is available as an optional accessory.

Split type moulds for preparing cylinders of modeling clay for placing inside the toe­caps and a torque screw driver needed to tighten the clamping bolt to a torque of 3.0 N.m are also available against specific requirements.

Technical Specifications
Height of fall
1020 +- 10 mm
Mass of falling block
10.0 +- 0.1 kg and 20.0 +- 0.2 kg
Impact energy
100 +- 2 Joule and 200 +- 4 Joule
Wedge shaped having an included angle of 90o, length of at
least 60 mm, edge rounded to 3 mm radus, hardness 50 to
60 HRC
Clamping block
150 x 150 x 19 mm, hardness at least 60 HRC
Base block
400 x 400 x 40 mm approximately
Related Specification
EN 34 - 1993
Requirements and Test Methods for Safety, Protective and
Occupational Footwear for Professional Use